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We like to think of Gemini Digital as a full service provider. Having in-house graphic design, litho printing, digital and mailing. Fulfilment or mailing is the next logical step. You have your nice new brochures or leaflets, then the next step to get them out to the public whether that is in this country or abroad, whether it is one item enclosed or multiple items, then we have the expertise to take care of it for you. In one seamless operation from conception to delivery.

A lot of companies think that enclosing literature is a job that they can do in house, but what they don’t realise is that the cost of fulfilment can be offset against the money that can be saved by sending it out through the most economical postal route available. Sometimes the fulfilment is completely negated due to this saving.


We have our own fleet of vans and drivers, and we also have a dependable courier services that we have built up a good relationship with over the years to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your printed material. Each van can be tracked via Tom Tom webfleet.

Optimus (our MIS system) can label boxes to your exact specification. Giving titles, box number, box weight and any other identifying information you require on your delivered goods. We can also provide proof of delivery notes when required.


If storage is at premium at your premises, and you don’t have the capacity for that large order. Then we can store your additional/surplus stock. Dependent on the stock level to be stored, this can be done free of charge or on occasion at a nominal fee.

If you have any questions on any of the above please call (01273) 441 832 for more details.